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Downsview Community Primary School - School Council

Downsview Community Primary School

Life at Downsview Community Primary School

School Council


The aim of the School Council is to develop an awareness of citizenship and involve all our children, to some extent, in the running of the school.

Our ‘School Council’ consists of twelve children from across all areas of the school  and is led by Miss Page. These children are elected to be representatives for their class and attend regular meetings to discuss relevant matters of interest concerning school organisation and development.

The School Council is actively involved in decision making within the school and conducts surveys to gather views and opinions from their peers. Any child in the school may put forward a suggestion to the School Council by simply posting a note into the newly introduced ‘suggestion box’ located in the entrance area. A response will be made by the School Council either personally or during one of our school assemblies.


Well done to the School Council for raising over £500 last year! The children worked hard to organise a range of different events to raise money to improve the 'construction zone'.