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School Sports Premium: July 2016

In 2013, PE & Sport Premium funding was introduced by the Government to improve the quality of PE & Games in school, boosting participation and enjoyment in the subject and also ensuring that children are actively involved in school sport and developing key PE skills. It is linked with the London 2012 Olympic Legacy; with improved sport at grass roots level, the hope is to discover and develop future sporting stars!

Downsview received £8,995 in 2015-16. In this period, we have used funding to:

  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning in all aspects of the PE curriculum
  • Increase staff knowledge and confidence in the delivery of engaging and challenging PE lessons
  • Plan, introduce and organise swimming lessons across Key Stage 2
  • Purchase new resources and equipment to aid the differentiation of PE lessons in order to meet the diversity and needs of the pupils
  • Improve the quality and storage of planning for the long term academic future for PE within the school

How have we done this?

We have done this by employing a PE company, JG PlayED, for specialist PE teachers to work alongside teaching staff in PE & Games lessons. The aim of these team teaching sessions is to increase staff knowledge, confidence and delivery of PE & Games. Lesson observations as well as staff evaluations and feedback monitor the impact of this approach and help to identify and plan future support.

In addition, JG PlayED have supported the school’s PE Leader to review and revise the PE Curriculum to ensure it is broad and balanced, exciting, engaging, progressive and inclusive. Regular meetings between PlayED and the PE Leader have been held to discuss outcomes and progress.

A full programme for swimming has been successfully maintained following introduction two years ago using links with White Oaks Leisure Centre. Every Key Stage 2 class participated in swimming in 2015-16 with much confidence, progress and stroke development being seen. In July 2016, ...% of the Year 6 pupils achieved the nationally expected standard in swimming (25m) showing a great improvement from the beginning of the programme when just ...% of the same cohort could swim 10m or more (percentages to be updated).

Planning has been reviewed, revised and improved to reflect the breadth of the PE curriculum taught. It is now stored electronically to aid ease of access.

The impact of the Sports Premium Funding over the period 2015 - 16 has been positive, with improved quality of teaching and learning and further increases in participation levels within PE lessons. Over the last year, 80% (four out of five) PE lessons observed were judged to be 'good' or better.

The Year Ahead

In 2016 - 17, the school will receive £8,995. This money is ‘ring-fenced’ which means that it can only be spent on PE, Games and Sport. It cannot be spent on other educational priorities. Some of the money has been funded by the Department of Health and therefore it will also be used to improve opportunities for all pupils to adopt healthy lifestyles.

 In 2016 - 17, we are planning to use some of the funding to:

  • Offer a greater range of lunchtime and after-school clubs for KS1 and KS2 pupils focusing on PE & sport
  • Purchase further resources to support high quality PE lessons
  • Organise an increased number of intra and inter-school sports competition (formal and informal)
  • Investigate the possibility of working with a specialised gymnastics coach to increase staff knowledge and understanding in this area of the curriculum
  • Purchase sports kit for pupils who are, at times, unable to access PE due to lack of support/resources
  • Purchase new kit for teams that represent the school in external events
  • Introduce a Health Related Fitness programme to promote healthy lifestyles
  • Investigate the opportunity to participate in the Sainsbury's School Games Awards
  • Introduce specific PE sessions for those more able children displaying higher skill levels (High Attaining pupils)

The school achieved the Healthy Schools Award back in 2007 and has since retained this status. However, in November 2015, the school was awarded the 'Enhanced' Healthy Schools Award in recognition of its work to promote PE, exercise and healthy living. The school continues to promote healthy lifestyles and strives to ensure that all pupils have the knowledge and understanding required to make positive healthy choices about healthy living.