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Downsview Community Primary School - Staff at Downsview

Downsview Community Primary School

Life at Downsview Community Primary School

Staff at Downsview - Meet our team 

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Headteacher - Mr D Edwards

SENCO - Mrs J Paice

Teaching Staff - Miss N Page, Miss R Selby, Miss S Selmi, Mr A Hartley, Miss M Pugh, Mrs M Morgan and Mr G Harris

Teaching Assistants - Mrs M Aldridge, Mrs J Maddams, Mrs J Wood, Mrs C Vincent, Mrs V Burke, Mrs P Hall, Mrs B Webb, Mr A Rafter, Mrs Y Wicks, Mr M Head, Mrs S Douglas, Miss V Osborn and Mrs S Doherty

Caretaker- Mr P Staines

Office Manager - Mrs A Tasselli

Attendance Officer - Mrs V Burke

SENCO Assistant - Mrs V Burke

Family Liaison Officer (FLO) - Mrs H Willetts

Midday Supervisors - Mr A Rafter, Mrs J Wood, Mrs J Pantlin, Mrs T Cooper, Mrs M Aldridge, Mrs L Spokes and Ms A Hall 

After-School Club Manager - Mrs S Douglas